The Honest Food Log #2


This food log is from the third week of May - the first week of excessive studying and lots of snacking. Unfortunately, I wasn’t writing down the things I had the week after (when I had 3 exams in a row!): Bounties. Loads of Bounties. 

Also, I noticed I eat a lot more when I’m studying – that is one thing I need to work on. I'm trying to cut back on food now a bit, hopefully that will show in the next food log.

Breakfast: strawberry and banana porridge with coconut butter, coffee
Snack: leftover porridge with greek yogurt, coffee
Lunch: mashed potatos, turkey (was it turkey? I shall never know), cucumber and salad with devilled mushrooms
Snack: apple with a few walnuts
Dinner: vegetable tarhonyáshús, tea

Breakfast: strawberry porridge. Sadly out of coconut butter and cannot make more - my food processor can't keep up with my needs. Also had some green tea.
Snack: banana and a coffee
Lunch: Greek salad with (actually on) two slices of corn cake, coffee
Dinner: two hot dogs with caramelized onions and pickled cucumber

Breakfast: a kifli, toasted, with salted butter, green tea
Snack: coffee
Pre-exam snack: Bounty
Post-exam snack: cappucino
Lunch: vegetable tarhonyáshús
Dinner: two boiled eggs, two virlis, banana and strawberry "ice-cream"

Breakfast: strawberry porridge, coffee
Snack: leftover porridge
Lunch: gyros
Dinner: one slice of corn cake with feta and cucumber

Breakfast: 1/2 strawberry porridge with greek yogurt, two rice cakes with ham, coffee
Snack: krémes with coffee
Lunch: a ham-mustard sandwich
Dinner: roast chicken, peppers and potatos
Also: three ciders - more like two and a half
Very, very healthy choices I must say.

Breakfast: a rushed corn cake with coffe
Snack: cappucino, a banana
Lunch: greek salad with corn cakes (3)
Snack: a little bowl of granola
Dinner: thai curry (with rice), starberry icecream
Studying snack: a banana topped with coconut
Later: granola, half a can of Coke

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