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I'm finally see the light at the end of the tunnel - although it's currently blocked by 6 exams (all in the next two weeks) and my final exam at the end of June. But after that? I'm hopefully free from all this pseudo-academic stuff. 
See? Those three years were totally not wasted on me after all.
And that means great things for the blog too! Content, for example.

But until then I can only offer you my food diary from the beginning of May. I started monitoring what I eat as part of my "I want to get back into shape that is not a potato" programme and I thought I'd share it with you (if you don't mind). You know, content and all...

About my diet:
I usually get up early so I have my breakfast quite early too. These days I try to eat my breakfast at the office but sometimes I just need my breakfast right after I get up. I snack quite a bit but I also try to eat smaller portions to balance things out. To be honest, I'm really bad at being hungry (hence these little snacks) and it's something I should work on.
Which I will. One day.
What else? I prepare my lunch that I take to work - or occasionally get some soup (we have a really good coffeeshop on campus that sells really nice soups). On weekdays I try to make my lunch the "healthiest" of meals; as dinner is our main meal together, things usually get a bit sexier. Not as if a salad or whatever I'm having for lunch cannot be sexy, but it's never "let me put some more butter on that hot potato" sexy.
Also, very important: I try to eat less sugar. I have my coffee with no sugar and also make my smoothies, porridge and chia seed puddings with no sugar.

So lo and behold, my food log from two weeks ago:

Breakfast: corncake + butter + slice of ham, coffee, half of a banana
Snack at the office: cocoa chia seed pudding with the other half of the banana, coffee and half of a chocolate cookie
Lunch: fried aubergine with sweetcorn
Snack: an apple with walnuts
Dinner: vegetable tarhonya

Pre-Breakfast (around 6:40): corncake, ham, butter, coffee
Breakfast (around 9): cocoa chia seed pudding
Lunch: veg tarhonya
Snack: banana, Actimel, handfuls of fruity Crunchy Flakes, coffee
Dinner: gulyásleves

Breakfast: A bowl of Crunchy Flakes, coffee
Snack: Banana
Lunch: Gulyásleves
Snack: Handful of mixed seeds
Dinner: Asparagus salad with sausage
Also that day: 2 bowls and a few handfuls of Crunchy Flakes

Breakfast: didn't have brekkie just a coffee 
Snack: Banana
Lunch: Corn salad with pepper
Dinner: Green thai curry

Breakfast: Coffee, chia seed pudding
Dinner: Roast chicken with asparugs and new potatoes
Well, I definitely had something for lunch that day but forgot to write it down. What was it?! We shall never know...

Breakfast: Corncake with ham and mozarella, iced coffee
Picnic/lunch: Two sandwiches (chicken mayo, ham and mustard)
Afternoon snack: Strawberry cottage cheese cream with greek yogurt
Very early dinner: Fish and chips
Booze: One and a half homemade mojitos 
Snack in the evening: Ham with two rice cakes

Breakfast: Omlette made with 2 eggs, pepper and cheese
Snack: Coffee
Snack #2: Strawberry and banana milkshake
Lunch: Spicy bean soup + asparagus lasagna
Dinner: Spicy bean soup + 2 new carrots, tea

I feel the need to explain the Crunchy flakes and the seemingly never-ending chia stuff. I brought an old box of Crunchies (which is something I don't really eat as I make my own granola) over from my parents and I hate to throw away perfectly good food. 
So I ate it. It's not like I'm not buying it for myself in the future, but truth to be told I really enjoyed eating it for those ca. 10 days till the box lasted. 
Also, chia: I got loads of yogurt from home that my sister did not want to eat and what can a girl do with eight pots of Actimel that are a few days behind their sell-by date? Chia seed pudding.

I hope you enjoyed this post - there is another coming your way with some recipes!

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