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One of my makeup staples is my Catrice Made to Stay Inside the Eye waterline pencil - I'm using it religiously every single day since they came out. I remember there was a big hype around Rimmel's similar pencil; these flesh-y tones give your eyes a more rested, open look (true dat), but the Catrice one is cheaper and you don't have to sharpen it. It comes with a sharpener at the end though, which is very handy as the top layer of the pencil can get a bit harder after a few months of use. I was silly and didn’t notice it for a long time, which meant that I had to throw out the final 0.5 centimetre of my first two pencils. Not a great loss, but still. If you sharpen it properly, you can use the whole thing up without any problems whatsoever.
It is a very long-lasting, waterproof pencil that stays put no matter what, and as I said, I use mine daily and a little 0.3 g pencil lasts me a good 9 months. Its around 1100-1200 HUF and is absolutely worth the money (even when its original price was 900-ish. Ejnye.)


As I was aimlessly wondering in dm last week I saw that they finally put the new Essence products out and I needed to check their display out to see if they had anything new in the lipliner department. They didn't, but they had a new colour in the Long Lasting Eye Pencil range, which was this flesh-y nude (25 say hi light), very similar to the Catrice one. But cheaper. 549 HUF cheap.
I was really intrigued to see how it performs on the waterline because when I swatched it on my hand it was noticeably creamier and easier to rub off. But lo an behold, it stays put all day, and even survived a little nap. It's a tiny bit lighter in colour and has like 0.01 gramms less product in it. Also, it doesn't come with a built-in sharpener, but apart from that? Not much of a difference.

So which one to get? I think the Catrice one is a tiny bit tackier and much drier in texture, which means that you (or at least I) cannot really use it anywhere else apart from the waterline. The Essence one is creamier and I like to use it in the inner corners and on the upper waterline too. Frankly, they are really very similar when it comes to longevity and fading. I'd suggest you get the Essence one if you are new to this brightening the waterline thingy, and should you not like it, at least you haven't spent much money on it.
Otherwise, it's up to you to get whichever you like or have the budget for (or whichever is available in Rossmann at the time of your visit).

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